Saturday, January 12, 2008

In Search of Mockingbird by Loretta Ellsworth

Erin is about to turn 16. She lives in a house with her dad and two brothers. Her dad announces he is getting married and Erin wants no part of a "new mom. " Instead she desperately wants a connection with her late mom, a mom she has no real memory of because her dad never talks about her. The only thing she knows is that her mom loved Harper Lee and Erin has read To Kill a Mockingbird over and over. She decides to run away from St. Paul, Minnesota to Monroeville, Alabama in search of Harper Lee. Her only available transportation is a Greyhound bus. Erin meets a variety of interesting characters along her journey, including large, redheaded, twentysomething Epp Gobarth, who listens and, out of concern, joins her on her mission. Nice story, and Erin's character does grow-some. It does have a predictable ending. I give it a MAYBE.


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I think this was reviewed in a previous blog entry..


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