Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dragon's Keep by Janet Lee Carey

The cover is cool. My issues with agency are getting in the way of liking this book. The mom (Queen) lives vicariously through her daughter (Princess Rosalind), smothering and restricting her to the point of driving me crazy. At the end when Rosalind could have done something spectacular, she is rescued by the long lost prince (of course). When she realizes the prophecy, she does it quite by accident. The elements were there to be interesting, but it doesn't come off. NAY

From Barnes and Noble:
Far away on Wilde Island, Princess Rosalind is born with a dragon claw where her ring finger should be. To hide the secret, the Queen forces her to wear gloves at all times until a cure can be found, so Rosalind can fulfill the prophecy to restore the family to their rightful throne.

But Rosalind’s flaw cannot be separated from her fate. When she is carried off by the dragon, everything she thought she knew falls apart. The dragon sees beauty in her talon where her mother saw only shame, and Rosalind finally understands what her mother has truly denied her.


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