Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Split Screen: Attack of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies / Bride of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies by Brent Hartinger

So this book is a "flip this book" which contains two stories in the one book. After reading one story (I read Min's first), I flipped the book around to read the other story (Russel's). After the first chapter or so of the second story, I had that sinking feeling that I was not going to enjoy reading the story as I realized that the second story was the same as the first, but from another perspective. The story did get better as it went on. I was glad that the 2 characters didn't know everything that was going on in each other's lives so the stories weren't complete duplicates.

I do think that teens enjoy re-reading books and might enjoy the repetetive nature of this "flip this book" more than I did. I enjoyed that some of the characters were gay, bisexual and lesbians and at the same time, it wasn't an "issue" book. But I didn't particulary love the storylines or the way the story was told. And I wonder if it would have been more effective to have alternated each chapter between Min's and Russel's stories instead of the "flip the book" approach. I'm giving it a NAY but a hesitatingly one because I think it is important for more books like this to become readily available for teenagers.


At July 12, 2007 at 2:30 PM , Blogger Deb Motley said...

I too, thought it was repetitive. I read the boy's story first and I think it was better that way because it makes for a little surprise at the end, which doesn't work the other way around. But there's nothing to indicate which story to read first on the book cover. This is a sequel to the Geography Club, but does stand on its own. I like it because I think the portrayal of the lives of gay and bi teens is treated realistically. I just think the flip book concept is too gimmicky. A maybe for me, too.


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