Friday, August 3, 2007

When the Curtain Rises by Rachel Dunstan Muller

This book was DREADFUL! Not only was the story hackneyed and improbable, the characters stiff and lifeless, and the conclusion predictable and sappy; it is certainly a middle grades book.
Spoiler Synopsis: Chloe doesn't remember that she has two great aunts who adore her, but after a failure at a piano recital, she goes to stay with them for the summer. She then finds out that her great grandfather was a magician who disappeared because of a mysterious rosewood box. Chloe and her new best friend, Nyssa, (of course they are friends, they are thrown together because of a talent show and Nyssa wants to be a magician and they like to ride bikes) find the mystery box and discover that it grants wishes. (Chloe's wishes are for all the ice cream she can eat and a bike just like Nyssa's. What teenager wouldn't!) Then they come to the snap decision that the box is evil, so into the fire it goes. But, Chloe has now gained the confidence she needs to perform in the talent show and win!!! Well, only second place, but everyone knows she is the true winner in life. Sigh. Urgh!
A Thousand NAYS.


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