Friday, January 18, 2008

Last Dance at the Frosty Queen by Richard Uhlig

Arty can't wait to blow the popsicle stand that is his hometown. He has a plan of escape after graduation and just needs to collect his back pay from his work on Doggie Joggie outfits - an over anticipated wonder that would put Harker City on the map to launch his liberation. Set in 1988 there are amusing pop culture references and the witty names for his vehicle are fun.

I thought Last Dance at the Frosty Queen was going to be a male version of Beauty Shop for Rent: . . . fully equipped, inquire within by Laura Bowers and it missed the mark broadly. Arty and his family and community reminded more of the pathetic Going Nowhere Faster with passiveness, aggressiveness and sex thrown in. I didn't find much convincing character development and
the ending was convenient and pat.


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